Neurovascular Devices

Medical Murray develops and manufactures microcatheters, implants and delivery systems for neurovascular applications.

The market for neurovascular treatments is rapidly evolving, requiring smaller, more complex and precise delivery and access systems for targeted therapies. Neurovascular microcatheters must be thin-walled, low-profile and flexible, yet strong enough to navigate through the small vessels in the neck and head to reach the targeted area.

Designing and manufacturing these minimally invasive neurovascular medical devices is Medical Murray’s specialty, and our highly skilled engineering team is well equipped for the challenge your device may bring.

Coil winding or braiding with thin, fine stainless steel and nitinol wire

Complex microcatheters using covered liners, multi-durometer shafts, embedded marker bands & more

Stents that may be covered with materials such as ePTFE, PTFE, polyester or polyurethanes

Embolic filtration and protection devices for stroke prevention applications

Thrombectomy catheters using aspiration to retrieve thrombus

Hydrocephalus shunt catheter systems to drain fluid from the body