Medical Stents & Frames Manufacturing

Medical Murray can develop and manufacture your medical stent and its delivery system.


Medical Murray has extensive experience in the design, development, and contract manufacturing of medical stents whether metallic or polymer based. We specialize in manufacturing medical devices intended to open narrowed tubes and vessels within the body to allow adequate flow of blood or fluid to pass.

In addition to stents, we also develop and manufacture medical stent delivery systems. Medical Murray has experience with the following variety of stents:

Stent Grafts

Peripheral Vascular Stents

Crossing Covered Stents

Flow Diverters

Ureteral & Urethral Stents

Esophageal Stents

Tracheal Stents

Biliary Stents

Illustration of medical implant mesh

Medical Stent Materials & Manufacturing Capabilities

Medical Murray is an ISO 13485:2016 certified contract developer and manufacturer of medical stents made from absorbable and non-absorbable polymers, nitinol, stainless steel, and other specialty alloys. We are also skilled in covering stents, braids, and frames in ePTFE, polyurethane, polyester, and silicone.

In addition to the in-house capabilities used in the creation of your stent, we also can perform select secondary operations related to other device subassemblies or full finished devices, such as:


Heat Setting (Nitinol/Polymers)



Dip Coating


Injection Molding

Laser Welding