Molding Services for Components and Devices

North Barrington, IL – Medical Murray, a device development and contract manufacturing company with ISO 13485 certification and FDA registration, provides complex catheter design and unique insert molding advantages for devices made from a wide range of materials, both thermoplastic and silicone rubber. Medical Murray’s “nano-molding” services refer to parts in a cubic millimeter range (1/10th the size of micro-molded parts), which provides the ability to mold components as small as .1 cubic millimeter.

These medical devices and components with complex features include catheter tips, joints, fittings, luers, markers, lumen transitions, and manifolds. Insert molding as an assembly tecnnique also allows us to combine different thermoplastics, Pt-lr marker bands, Nitinol components, and electrodes. Medical Murray’s core capabilities include making tips for customer integration or insert molding tips to the shaft. Regardless of the application, whether to make the distal end of the catheter atraumatic, to house a sensor, or draw fluids, Medical Murray has the equipment and processing experience to produce custom tips for complex catheters.

Used in our contract manufacturing operations to produce tips and other miniaturized devices is our patented Sesame™ injection molding machine. Designed to provide fast controlled injection and short material residence time, the Sesame uses a pneumatically driven vertical plunger for plasticating and injects with a tiny horizontal plunger (1- 2.5-mm diameter) driven by a linear servo motor. Total injection time can be as short as 0.02 seconds. The Sesame’s features include very low melted volume, controlled high speed and high pressure injection. This allows for molding of sub micro-sized parts with intricate geometric features.