Covered Nitinol Braid

Medical Murray’s covered nitinol braid prototypes are the first step in evaluating the specific needs for your next catheter or implantable device.

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Additional Information

If you are not seeing exactly what you need in our store, please contact Medical Murray to inquire about custom braid or stent configurations to meet your needs.

Disclaimer: Our online store products are prototypes and are for research and development purposes only and not for human use. No certificate of conformance will be provided with online store products.




Product Details

Material Composition: Nitinol, 0.004″ (100 µm) or 0.0025″ (~65 µm) Wire Diameter

Braid Pattern: Half-Load Diamond (1u1o1) 24 Wire Ends & Full-Load Diamond (2u2o2) 48 Wire Ends

Sample Length: 4″ (~100mm). If you need a longer or shorter sample length, please contact us via the button above to discuss the exact requirements for your device.

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