Custom Stent & Frame Covering

Do you have a stent or frame that needs to be covered? Medical Murray is able to cover stents or frames with unique shapes and profiles in a variety of materials – such as ePTFE, Polyester, Polyurethane & Silicone. Request a quote, or learn more.

Additional Information

Medical Murray and our experienced engineers can outfit solutions for covering your medical device. The right material selection for covering is critical for its durability and performance, and we offer a variety of materials to choose from – such as ePTFE, Polyester, Polyurethanes, and Silicones which may be formed in extrusion, electrospun, woven or solution.

We can assist you in developing and covering stents and frames with unique shapes and profiles and wall thicknesses as low as 20 micron (0.0008″) by utilizing our sintering, sewing, laminating, dip casting, heat setting and injection molding capabilities.


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